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12:47am 09-30-2011

Or a combination of hybrid electric..
Or Only electric:

40 pcs enought..~~ 40 KW and ful personal electric helicopter

So it happens that good fun can become a good professional...
Regards Andrew
12:43am 09-30-2011
Thanks to the new Heron's Apache we can build a pretty good quality helicopter

When we begin to design a small personal helicopter similar to this:
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter)
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter) and 540 rpm rotational speeds. To achieve such a speed we could use a torque 800 Nm ( ~ 80 kgm ).
Returning now to the Hero 's Apache, we can assume that the torque on the main propeller tubes produce more than us four propeller.
Let's say that in May they long 3.5 feet (1 meter ). So, as at the end of each of those tubes you put the engine that gives us a sequence of 10 N (2 Lbs) values ??(1kg) it will be added to the rotor torque of 10 Nm (1 kgm)
So four of these tubes with motors will give us a 40 Nm (4 kgm).
Now, assuming that our helicopter will be lighter with a big motor, gears and tail rotor, we can assume that he will need to drive only the main rotor diameter of 600 Nm at, say, 16 feet (4.9 m).
So if we placed the total at the end of the tube Heron's Apache silnki of values ??within 600/40 = 15
15 X 2 lbs = 30 lbs of force within, we get has fully functional helicopter....
As it turns out, these motors have already modelers....
Weight engines 8 Kg (14 Lbs).... 10 position video
If you want to build a crane helicopter, use these eight:

Regards Andrew
3:57am 09-29-2011
Heron's Apache my be need this engine:

Heron's apache to drive propellers you may use electrically driven motors Motorjet. Then you can harness the power of their relatively high..

Well if he gave such ichyba two engines to the Hero's apache model, it is even quite good size, it could be...

May be person size??
The first hybrid helicopter??

Regards Andrew
12:12pm 09-28-2011
Forged pistons

And this looks like their production

9:49pm 09-27-2011
Wind and water have long been a very liked.
So I think that such a solution, consistent with their preferences, will be most effective

It is a Venturi vidmil that drives large enough vane pump with sealing ring via water.
Thanks to such a seal, which is not consumed, and it is tight, you can use all the energy that gives us a venturi nozzle of the vacuum produced.. Because the turbine does not have any leaks.So theoretically, this will be the most efficient use of wind...

We can thus take advantage of the vacuum energy, what we get in other ways to obtain it from the wind.

New "turbine" is Liquid Ring Vaccum Pumps

Regards Andrew
11:43am 09-19-2011
If you do not want to lose a large diameter fan operating in the Venturi nozzle, you should use " internal Venturi nozzles ".
These are just two cones inside a circular tube
Their convergence must be in accordance with the Bernoulli's principle, just like a normal venturi nozzle. So must be kept laminar flow. But we gain a large diameter fan. Theoretically, the energy gain obtained is 10 times larger in relation to the windmill in a narrow place of the normal venturi nozzle....
Field cross-sections must be changed in the same function as in classical venturi

11:35am 09-15-2011
Is marriage Underground Windmill of Tesla's Turbine is the optimum solution?

several cases that support the solution

4:14pm 09-12-2011
Green Engineering in strongbox bank.....

3:14pm 09-10-2011
its for me
1:47pm 09-08-2011
Here PhotoStream proposal, which has improved aerodynamics and a little stiffness to the system add..

some histo:

3:41am 09-06-2011

3:39am 09-06-2011
Old ideas in new study:
This gear drive in a helicopter that is bothering me. Another way to get rid of her. By the way, turned out that the rear propeller and also you can get rid of , because the helicopter does not have the torque of the main propeller.
The helicopter had already been built. But it had drawbacks: no, for example, could not take full advantage of autorotation, because the propeller with a hole through the center did not have good aerodynamic properties....
I missed this problem and the propeller is as it is most optimal.
Also today after assuming control of the helicopter adjustable nozzle (vectoring nozzle) on the outlet gases from the turbine driven, will be very precise.
In summary the lack of a gear transmission and rear propeller helicopter will certainly reduce weight.

10:54pm 08-22-2011

Regards Andrew
1:31am 08-20-2011
You just might of invented the rubix cube of engines. Very nice I'm a master mechanic and I see big potential !!
How much extra gas mileage is the system good for? I've got a great idea I'm a great salesman
Lets take it on the Canaidian show, Dragons Den,And get PPaid~! ?
12:53am 08-11-2011

Aerodynamic coefficient Cx is very small. It is certainly much smaller than in the traditional ship...

This is not a traditional sail 2D, but the full 3D structure. Energy is processed and used to drive water propeller. Why can swim backwards and forwards. Like a film with 2D fan.
So many of Snoopy Ship has a much higher efficiency due to 3D

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