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8:09pm 05-27-2013
One part of the reply to "when", is for example the case of such a drag, "windmill". Under normal conditions, standing statically on the ground windmill his case at all practically drag, we do not care, because we have any number of fan blowing on the wind. And now the resistance front, as will be larger, only the rigidity of its mounting must also be greater. Practically the value of the resistance front, even if it is larger, a large amount of available free of wind, makes no need to worry, we have the resistance front .... But from the moment when the "wind", we begin to produce, for example, an electric motor car, it is known that the resistance front "fans" will have a major impact on the amount of electricity needed to maintain a speed of "wind" (car). . Know that the windmill of "hole in the middle" will have less resistance. and even the shape of the hole to be similar to the airfoil wing, his leading the resistance may be at the level of resistance of this air wing and have even just 10% of the resistance of a flat plate, with the same profile section ... If it is only 10% of the and the amount of energy required to achieve this speed "wind" (car) will also be at the level of 10% of the energy needed to overcome the resistance of a planar face. So that is one of the first steps to reduce our price lunch, is the study of our "fan" in the wind tunnel in terms of the reduction of the resistance front, just what it is in their cars and their coefficient Cx

8:08pm 05-27-2013
In other forum :

[QUOTE=sometoyotaguy;18359825]Still there is no such thing as a free lunch.[/QUOTE]

In this case, I agree with you that someone is trying to deceive you, however, that free lunch orally .... ....

Forever Electric car ( by wind force generator) - YouTube

But how do you replace the propeller, such as my amplifier, it obviously will not be quite as much as the delightful film ... get it right?
Certainly amplifier and give more energy propeller.

Yes, this dinner is certainly a lot cheaper ... It's just a matter of when the price will be less than zero....

8:05pm 05-27-2013
If salt water fill the upper reservoir of the Polish power, he can do it for 6 hours to give the same amount of energy (800 MW) at one nuclear reactor ...


And of course, instead of a duck, a more professional pump
1:09pm 04-29-2013
Well, finally, someone took my ideas for projects ..

Now, if someone wanted to work on the MHD and plasma must be provided with the device ..

10:06pm 04-15-2013
it soo amzing invention ,,,
10:56pm 03-30-2013
6 of these dimensions of the devices .... The total area is smaller than the rearview mirror surface:

Happy Easter !

10:56pm 03-30-2013
I found a very nice commercial about the engine with a variable compression ratio ....

But why in such a complicated way ? ...
In my design variable compression ratio is achieved with only ONE hydraulic device, a changing angle between the crankshafts ....
Here the results of the calculations excel...

Even in all 16 cylinders at a time....

8:59pm 03-08-2013
Amazing power is the power vacuum. We know this for a long time .. Now, it will work for us. and only think with pity, which can do a traditional windmill with a diameter of 0, 5 meter ...

5:04am 03-02-2013
The end of such passive sports engine exhausts:

These old-style sausages only reach about 0.2 atmosphere vacuum. A new way of sucking exhaust ejector via a venturi is able to achieve 0.8 atmosphere vacuum. We can add it to the engine power of about 30% if the well will adjust camshaft....

As a result of additional air into the exhaust also added clarity will improve as a result of combustion gases....

The company has also achievements in the treatment of gases, both solid particles and NOx ..
The company has also achievements in the treatment of gases, both solid particles and NOx ..
For large trucks and marine engines, you can give the water cleaner exhaust. Then, no longer see the black smoke from the exhaust pipe truck. A vacuum is created and injected via a closed loop water will improve engine efficiency as a significant ..

12:26pm 02-13-2013
Very interesting. I don't know much about engineering but the little I understand it is very interesting to me. Thanks.
11:50pm 02-11-2013
If on the brass cylinder with electric gyro cut the steps for air, we get a full hybrid-electric-air drive ...For sure the electric motor would be well-cooled, which contributes to the miniaturization ..

11:49pm 02-11-2013
Of course, I see that freed the next ideas of something we are very happy. Introduced only basis to be developed. Now I am going to have such a number, which encourages the implementation of this idea. Venturi nozzle is one in the figure is the front surface of 3.14 x 2.1 x 2.1 = 13, 8 cm sqare.
6 pieces battery has 6 x13, 8 = 83.0 sqare cm. that is, it is only the surface 8 x 10 cm ....
A man riding a bicycle is at least a surface of 50 x 50 cm = 2500 sqare cm. Theory can obscure the surface without loss, for which he will be hidden. So such sixpack can theoretically put 2500/83 = 30 pieces ... without magnification face of the rider. So these 180 pieces of brass drums ....

11:16am 02-09-2013
And all it may seem laughable, were it not for the dimensions of the venturi nozzle, which can this piece of brass with a film about the rate gyro, spin up to 10 000 rpm at 40 km / h ...

5:23am 02-09-2013

5:23am 02-09-2013
Here, such a concept of the new engine to the bicycle. Will definitely help in fast biking, be using any fuel ... I wonder how, in practice, this will help ... This will definitely help ... can at all do not have to pedal? :rolleyes:

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