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4:24pm 10-17-2011
Here are a few solutions that can some of the problems to solve..

Surely you will need to test them in practice, before se makes the right decisions as to the shape of the structure of the drive.
Perhaps such a solution with a single tube might be the most efficient, because it will most laminar flow

Or a Cutter Heron

Of course, a whole can be properly enclosed guard areodynamic...

Well, here an example, if the electric drive can also adapt to the helicopter. Turbine itself would be inside the helicopter, but it would not be permanently linked to the rotor, so that no torque moved...

It is air- gear drive

4:22pm 10-17-2011
Pity that llink is not working. There was a nice movie...

Next Percival - it is too Heron
But all helicopters this typy such defects were....

Seems to me that the project Herons Apache version "FEL -X" will not have these disadvantages, and will be missing heavy and very unreliable gear.... :rolleyes:

2:18am 10-11-2011

Regards Andrew
2:17am 10-11-2011

Regards Andrew
2:14am 10-11-2011
I published once the South African forum.

Perhaps, someone saw it.
Here it is made and the working prototype engine half rotate. Only this power way and grinding cylindrer....
But it is works....

3:21pm 10-07-2011
Yes, but even here the t motorcycle without an the traditional engine.......

Here, the view from the other side :rolleyes:

4:16am 10-03-2011
I think that also the propeller airplanes can replenish the idea of ​​Heron's Jet Propeller. The latest toy modelers have superior features, and you may use them for "big air ".
Well let us take a small aircraft engine Rotax 447 to 44 Nm of torque. On the axis of the propeller must gear, have twice as large, ie ~ ~ 100 Nm (10 kgm ). Przytakim driving the propeller with a diameter of 1700 mm will be to spin it properly and give the appropriate string.
So at the end of a single turbine on the arm of Heron 's say a length of 500 mm have a string 200N (20 kg), and two shoulders at 100 N (10 kg). Then we were given the same torque on the propeller, which gives the Rotax engine.

After putting two turbines, modeling of over 10 kg (100 N), we get a replacement Rotax engine.
They even have the parameters several times larger than we need for this example.
Well, the weight of the drive unit will be cheaper too many times, what in aviation is crucial

It turns out that we already have a fairly large selection of gas turbine engines such

And of course we have also quite a large number of electric motors to drive the turbines of jet aircraft models, whose parameters are such that we can use them in Heron's propeller well. Their parameters and parameters of the battery used in development Propeller Heron, causes them to become competitive with conventional engines

They can be used in this exemplary model propeller Heron

After viewing a few videos of models turbuny aircraft, I saw that these turbines do not have to be at the end of the model, and may be in the middle, and the aid of additional exhaust pipes just flies out of the model.

From this reason, and my solution also applied this collective pipe, which is separated into 4 and changes the direction of exhaust gas.
Thanks to this, quite seriously improves the design Propellers Heron....

And weight in relation to the Rotax is 10 times less...
So that is similar in other much larger propeller propulsion system also...

Regards Andrew
2:11pm 09-30-2011
Well, maybe but the full electric version:
These eight electric motors:

Now just: 8 electric motors, ie 2, 3 / 4 Lbs each battery X 8 pieces = 22Lbs (~ 10 kg) and can fly for 5 minutes. That is 132 lbs ( 66kg ) meringue can fly 30 minutes at full load... Weight of motors is 132 16 = 148 lbs (74 kg) fuel + engines.

Weight of the traditional system of propulsion engine of CRE MZ202 is 38 kg, the transmission of about 15 kg, 5 gallons of fuel to the tank about 20 kg, the total weight of 72 kg and the propulsion flight time 1 hour..
When you subtract the tail rotor 20 kg to obtain also a similar range..

Until you can control the direction of these one additional electric motors, administer, only a little smaller.

And this looks like a traditional electric version of the aircraft

Bumblebee Andrew

I have no problems with leaking oil...
12:47am 09-30-2011

Or a combination of hybrid electric..
Or Only electric:

40 pcs enought..~~ 40 KW and ful personal electric helicopter

So it happens that good fun can become a good professional...
Regards Andrew
12:43am 09-30-2011
Thanks to the new Heron's Apache we can build a pretty good quality helicopter

When we begin to design a small personal helicopter similar to this:
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter)
We see the need to drive to the main rotor diameter of 18 feet (5.5 meter) and 540 rpm rotational speeds. To achieve such a speed we could use a torque 800 Nm ( ~ 80 kgm ).
Returning now to the Hero 's Apache, we can assume that the torque on the main propeller tubes produce more than us four propeller.
Let's say that in May they long 3.5 feet (1 meter ). So, as at the end of each of those tubes you put the engine that gives us a sequence of 10 N (2 Lbs) values ??(1kg) it will be added to the rotor torque of 10 Nm (1 kgm)
So four of these tubes with motors will give us a 40 Nm (4 kgm).
Now, assuming that our helicopter will be lighter with a big motor, gears and tail rotor, we can assume that he will need to drive only the main rotor diameter of 600 Nm at, say, 16 feet (4.9 m).
So if we placed the total at the end of the tube Heron's Apache silnki of values ??within 600/40 = 15
15 X 2 lbs = 30 lbs of force within, we get has fully functional helicopter....
As it turns out, these motors have already modelers....
Weight engines 8 Kg (14 Lbs).... 10 position video
If you want to build a crane helicopter, use these eight:

Regards Andrew
3:57am 09-29-2011
Heron's Apache my be need this engine:

Heron's apache to drive propellers you may use electrically driven motors Motorjet. Then you can harness the power of their relatively high..

Well if he gave such ichyba two engines to the Hero's apache model, it is even quite good size, it could be...

May be person size??
The first hybrid helicopter??

Regards Andrew
12:12pm 09-28-2011
Forged pistons

And this looks like their production

9:49pm 09-27-2011
Wind and water have long been a very liked.
So I think that such a solution, consistent with their preferences, will be most effective

It is a Venturi vidmil that drives large enough vane pump with sealing ring via water.
Thanks to such a seal, which is not consumed, and it is tight, you can use all the energy that gives us a venturi nozzle of the vacuum produced.. Because the turbine does not have any leaks.So theoretically, this will be the most efficient use of wind...

We can thus take advantage of the vacuum energy, what we get in other ways to obtain it from the wind.

New "turbine" is Liquid Ring Vaccum Pumps

Regards Andrew
11:43am 09-19-2011
If you do not want to lose a large diameter fan operating in the Venturi nozzle, you should use " internal Venturi nozzles ".
These are just two cones inside a circular tube
Their convergence must be in accordance with the Bernoulli's principle, just like a normal venturi nozzle. So must be kept laminar flow. But we gain a large diameter fan. Theoretically, the energy gain obtained is 10 times larger in relation to the windmill in a narrow place of the normal venturi nozzle....
Field cross-sections must be changed in the same function as in classical venturi

11:35am 09-15-2011
Is marriage Underground Windmill of Tesla's Turbine is the optimum solution?

several cases that support the solution

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