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3:53am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
Here, such a connecting rod of my idea .. For a semi-rotary shaft, it can be such, because all forces act by pushing the connecting rod to the lever .. only incidentally it is possible to act detachment parts from each other, so its protection can be negligible .. During normal engine operation, piston it is only pressed against the lever all the time ..
However, the cooperating surfaces are relatively large, and the connecting rod weight is smaller .. Formy Feliks Commer ..
3:52am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
Kelpiecross, on 23 May 2018 - 05:34, said:

What is a "Feliks Roller"?

this is the roller between the levers ... I let it be named ... I do not have to be about a larger diameter than a clutch shaft .

it's just a diagram that does not have to have a crosshead, but only a normal short connecting rod.

3:51am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
Here the red line is marked by the piston path associated with the lever. At 90 degrees the pressure of the piston on the cylinder wall is equal to 0, and with the traditional system the maximum .. And then we have virtually full torque ..

3:50am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
Here are such radial engines a few ..

and here the "connecting rod" TS 3 and the lever to be welded to Feliks Roller

3:47am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
My project Feliks Commer T4 engine will have about 500 hp, with a weight of about 500 KG, here you can make such a stellar version put together 10 engines (on the left and on the left side of the star) It will weigh about 6 tons and had 5,000 HP. .. It will be suitable for the propulsion of a small ship .. or for the production of 5 MW of electric energy .. with long durability and efficiency ..

In the whole engine there is only one bearing in the connecting rod. The rest are half-turn pins. So, the engine's failure will be significantly increased.

here's a discussion on how to match it to Formel 1

11:39pm 05-20-2018
Here is the solution for a normal 4 stroke engine ... it can be 2 x 8 cylinders with heads ... And this roller is common to everyone, it can have diameters ... clutch shaft ... .

11:38pm 05-20-2018
Yes and in this even 8 cylinder engine (8 x 2 piston), only one crank and one "real" connecting rod .. ..

Do you know how many reciprocating masses less?

Yes and in this even 8 cylinder engine (8 x 2 piston), only one crank and one "real" connecting rod .. ..

Do you know how many reciprocating masses less?

4:26am 05-18-2018
But I like my cartoons ... here is what the prototype apparently traveled over a million kilometers .. Well, but I would certainly do without 2/3 crankshaft and 4 connecting rods less ...


and here, in this photograph, it is perfectly visible that if you replace these connecting rods and the crankshaft for these 3 additional cylinders 9 Next 6 pistons), for which you can clearly see that the place is, and outside put one crank with two connecting rods, then the strong , pratically with the same dimensional parameters and the same could be more likely to have TWO TIMES more power ... If like comon rail to use, then surely and the plane would be suitable with such parameters ..
One idea was enough.



Well, if we were to convert the Rootes T4 version, then it would be 400 Hp with a good speed for the propeller.

Here in the movie you can hear that when they "defraud" it's almost like Formula 1 rolleyes
And it would be twice as good ...

A small crankshaft at the front and an additional lever ... I would have put in a good turbocharger yet, but I would leave mechanical roots, too...

Commer Feliks

7:31pm 05-09-2018
for other forum:
Greg Locock, on 09 May 2018 - 05:34, said:

"I'll take real data even though it is hard to understand, compared with cartoons, thanks."

because if they learned from such scientists, which draw their conclusions a bit, it's no wonder .. And then they do not know what to pay attention to, and they deal with matters that are not very important, not important.
Strength tensions piston rings is `5 KG, and the side force of the piston is 150 KG, For them it is" half ".. :laugh:

link Rings

link Piston

It's good that you know someone who will lead you out of this error


Eat here and imagine that this side force is one-tenth of this force which has been hit by a connecting rod ..

And in the era of steam engines, they did not know what the water cooling of the piston might be useful ... I know ...
1:48pm 05-06-2018
In other forum :
Posted Today, 10:46

Greg Locock, on 06 May 2018 - 06:13, said:

"You think that 15% of the IMEP is absorbed in sidethrust on the pistons? Don't think so, most of the FMEP is piston rings."

Well, unfortunately this is not true ... But so far people have thought so ... If you liked playing with a calculator, which I published a few posts above, then you probably already knew how much the reaction of the piston to the cylinder ... Publishes again with my setting value, and clearly see that this force reaches even 30% of the value of the force giving the torque .. derived from the combustion of fuel .. Contrary to appearances, the force of pressure on the piston ring piston is small compared to this force, because it is in the pressure of relatively the small force coming from the bending of the piston ring, which, as you probably know, we can easily squeeze with fingers ... ..... So that the force in comparison to the force of lateral force is many times smaller, if the engine performs heavy work .. And is independent of the load of the engine, it has practically constant value ... independent of the engine load.
Here you have a screen shot in the picture, because as you can see, you do not like to play with calculators.
3:09am 05-06-2018
Principle of operation of a 6 cylinder engine with a crosshead, Watt type, Peaucelier or Feliks line crosshead .. So what gives us ... no friction piston by cylinder, so we can give up the oil for lubrication (oil pumps too), and gives 15% torque increase. Possibility of excellent cooling of the pistons with water, which will increase the compression ratio by 2 units. this is the next 10% .. Well, ecology, no oil burning, and less NOx, because in the chamber lower temperature ..

And the lack of crankshaft, because one crank with the connecting rod is hardly called a shaft ... if the engine has 16 cylinders .. :rolleyes:
1:49am 04-22-2018
Peaucellier Due crosshead ..

1:49am 04-22-2018
Had the twilight of long crankshafts ready to be ready ... ?

The connector between the arms as they will have the diameter of the main bearings of the main crankshaft, this should be enough....
1:48am 04-22-2018
Always every two connecting rods and two cranks on the crankshaft in a 4 cylinder engine are always less .. :cheesy:

5:25am 04-18-2018
It's best to see in such a drawing .. so dead force can only give one's place on the casing in one place ... only pivot is in the place, which gives very little resistance to movement on a flat plane .. an element loaded with this force ..

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