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11:28am 01-04-2014
8:39pm 12-27-2013
Here, a model project of The Spoon Red Baron Tractor. Human powered Dedalus, a comprehensive Weight about 100 Kg. It has been proved that, at a power of 0.3 Kw can take place before long flights .. Here my project model can be 100 times lighter, or to his same drive just 300 watts / 100 = 3 watts .. I think that such a model will be able to produce up more, so I called him a Tractor, he can still pull a glider behind him ..
8:35pm 12-27-2013
Christmas gifts:
here my scan such a disease illustrate how will they move the pistons in my engine in 1981, there was no possibilities of making animation and we had to somehow manage .. and the adoption of a decision which is to be the angle of the upper shaft between the pistons was not easy .. But it turned out, however, the simplest of which is 90 degrees should fulfill its task and so happened .. Exactly the drawing start is: 0 degrees angle of the suction piston, the piston 90 degrees exhaust (the figure is badly) and the main piston 80 degrees ..

Here how the work ..

Marry Christmas

8:34pm 12-27-2013
Do it now truest innovation .. every airman will save $ 500
In what way? do not have to buy these two venturi tubes to drive clocks ..
Just as in the right wing mount piping spot by not ordinary round a tube and connect the plastic with clocks ... cost of $ 5 ..

After all, on top of an airplane wing vacuum is too ..
1:21am 11-29-2013
For this size Windmill Red Baron, surely the need for such an actuator driving a generator .. You know that place slot, achieved speed by air is three times greater than the wind blowing from the face of this wing?

A new family of wing profiles with slot .. NACA FELIKS

10:02pm 11-18-2013
Well, finally, after a year, I received a cut down water, the elements of Plexiglas to model "Halfrotate Engine 1000 cc volume" ....
He is set to keep on hand, has 100ccm cylinder capacity .. 4 x 25.4 cm ^ 2 surface and 1 cm thick ..

to 1000 ccm this height h = 10 cm ..
to 3000 ccm this height h = 30 cm .......
First impressions: the piston surprisingly easy to change direction when moving your fingers inside the "barrel" .. I think very highly rotary engines will also be
possible to build ..

1:10pm 11-12-2013
Well after that our mourning have something on the front ..
No. So designing a good amplifier that amplifies much is not simple and easy ..
Here, it's about the type amplifier wind instruments. On this page, the instruments are charts that say the sound intensity can vary over a range frequencies with as much as 6 dB.,. This large difference is due to raw material from which it is made ??instrument, with the same shape.

If we want to get a change of size (volume) using a classic amplifier-loudspeaker system is to get the 6 dB of sound, we need to use as much as 4 times greater electrical power, not, for example, 50 watt, well, up to 200 watts .. Up so much growth in sound, as it turns out, it gives us the right material for the trumpet ..

Yes, we can easily lose with this energy gain, as we will use the wrong material ....

Now the one of the simplest experiments of physics ..
It is a "kitchen an experiment." We take two tablespoons can be of tea or soup. Take them by their ends and bringing together bellies ... Between tummy wpuszczmy very small stream of water. I bet that you will not be able to maintain a 2 mm gap between them ...
We can also repeat the experiment horizontally, so that the speed of the fluid force is created ..

11:39pm 10-11-2013
Rich Beal
I have been working with hydrogen , a water/electric generator, been running it in different engines, life expectancy of valve train was always an issue. I needed a new combustion engine with no valves , able to withstand a 3000 degree detonation , I think your engine design will work ,I think it is time to change the world.
8:55am 10-07-2013
Super strona, bardzo dużo ciekawych informacji, na pewno jeszcze tu wrócę
4:32pm 09-24-2013
please tell me about the some limitations of new four stroke engine sir.
5:49pm 09-01-2013
Such a thing you have to use the Windmill Red Baron .. It is much more effective and efficient than a fan, which I used in my prototype .. because I used it because I wanted it to be seen from fast shakes due to the negative pressure produced .. Also each vane pump can be used, even with the water ring seal.

It is obviously too can drive the propeller :rolleyes:
4:13pm 08-29-2013
And if so the nozzle still has a small venturi with a propeller ...
You only need to do some brake to be able to land safely ..
.. :rolleyes:


Now not just a wing equipped with NACA-FELIKS profile and you can drive the turbine that is small, around larger propeller for propelling the aircraft .. (For some small gears sure) I think these two films, for people who have enough imagination to understand the principles and authenticate the actual work of such a system, which is probably exempt me of the need for prototyping ..
All the praise can enter below ...
2:02pm 08-25-2013
Jeffrey Kupiec
Interesting design, has any emissions testing been completed on the exhaust gases?

The levels of gases in your design verses the "conventional 4 stroke" engine?

6:23am 08-12-2013
suyash raj
pleas send me new inventions
1:52pm 08-10-2013
Devil is not so terrible as he is painted..

Lest there be any lack of clarity...

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