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2:39pm 08-07-2013
Attitude so short, the question is: Is the box acoustic guitar sound is the amplifier, without additional energy tied outside in to not connected to any electric guitar amplifier? or agree with me that this is the one amplifier? Please send me a short answer yes or no.
About the same answer about whether tuba (all brass instruments) is a sound amplifier die, in which the sound is created? Please answer yes or no is amplified ...

There is, of many different amplifiers without additional energy from the outside world around us ... Well, for example, a YAGI antenna or parabolic. And it strengthens both the transmitting and the receiving of signals ... always a strengthening ... At least to the strengthening of what we are interested in is successfully used .. without additional energy input. ,

Antena wiki

But follow on my way for .. Here he called the manufacturer produces an amplifier into the air ...


Coanda lift

2:31pm 08-07-2013
Well, now my professional work finally connected with engines or refrigerators :rolleyes:
Straight from Los Alamos....

I think you can use here too Amplifiers Sound, which do not receive ANY energy and strengthen sound. Such are the classic example of brass instruments.

Obvious example of sound reinforcement, without providing OF ANY energy from outside the acoustic guitar. Everyone knows that that plays a lot louder than the electric guitar is not connected to any amplifier ... (Board)

I think what would have happened if the thermoelectric acoustic generator strengthen the amplified acoustic sound that does not drain. Do you already know what I was thinking again? :rolleyes:

2:30pm 08-07-2013
Glider Jantar 1 :

maiden flight: 13.05.1972

wingspan: 19 m

wing profile: Fx-67 K-170 > Fx-67 K-150

own weight: 295 (+3) kg

total weight: 417 kg /515 kg (with the ballast)

The load area: 27,7 kG/m2/34,2 kG/m2 (with the ballast)

excellence: 47 at 95 km/h

the rate of descent: 0,50 m/s przy 75 km/h

minimum speed.: 60 km/h

Speed ??limit(Vne): 245 (230 with the ballast) km/h

Winch pulls the glider at the height of 1000 m. As one of the manufacturers of these winches such a cycle consumes 0.3 kg of fuel ....
The perfect glider = 47, a half-ton glider at the speed of 95 km / h while flying in a straight line, beat 47 km. or two such cycles, that is, 0.65 kg of fuel, it should run up ... 100 km at a speed of 95 km / h....
It seems to me that it should be entered in the book Guinness

2:29pm 08-07-2013
Glider, is such that 3 m ^ 2 front surface ...... windmill, which is 3 m ^ 2 has a diameter of about 2 meters .... of such a windmill, at a wind speed of 75 km / h, we get only around 500 watts of power. Now I do imagine that the 500 watt would raise a 500 kG glider at the height of 12 km in the Alps ....
You can see in this example, the energy is much more than that due to the "Law Betz"

Now, we can see that the glider is perfectly shaped, which makes it a true cross-section of recognition, drag, only 10% of the actual resistance of the cross-sectional plane ... or power that diligently received the windmill of the size is just ... about 20 watt .. And this power is expected to be a glider at the height of 12 km?


5:10pm 07-15-2013
Heating and cooling of a house nozzle Vortex. Two such nozzle biggest deal, give as much energy as the average air conditioner ..

Very easy and safe collection of compressed air, as long it allows to store and recover all the energy that we put ... up to two weeks, we can not fill the tank, just use what they retain ... Just the time to wait for good weather for power ..

air tanks filled with green energy, electricity or diesel ... 100% of efficiency ...

5:10pm 07-15-2013
[quote name='gruntguru' post='6350684' date='Jul 7 2013, 23:40']I know this is the technical forum but we keep this one going for entertainment.[/quote]

I will keep the entertainment was much more....

[quote=roadtripper;82443178]i used to sell advertising to these guys:

the product is even called a "vortex" tube. :laugh::beer: your venturi nozzles and heat flows made it pop right back into my head for some reason, over ten years later. :thumbup:

(sort of related; i also did business with vortech. that was always a more exciting call, but the technology is way too pedestrian for this thread. )[/quote]

7:37pm 07-05-2013
[quote name='Greg Locock' post='6340426' date='Jul 2 2013, 23:00']The goal there is not efficiency in any shape or form. Many ludicrous geometries will generate power from wind, the problem in the real world is to do so while maximising the energy output per dollar of capital invested, or some other efficiency measure.[/quote]

Yes, you're right .. Problem is above price comparison of the results obtained, life insurance, ways and means of maintenance, ease of construction and even quite a few factors. It was not until all the issues included in the project will be decided .... and true innovation, is when after consideration of all the reasons tyxh answer will be yes ...
At the beginning of this innovation, there is still a problem, who has all the basic research and depending perform to get some general assumptions of a new method that can be accurately determine the costs and effectiveness in the series ..
I think it should be all usher in a new university faculties and in their laboratories. Beginnings are always difficult. ..

But the hardest is over ... ..

"The Felix Pyramid" .... :rolleyes:

1:10am 06-24-2013
Red Baron Windmill working prototype :

If you want to get to any place and to measure the flow of air, you can consider having a more professional meters.


And here do send warm greetings to our kids playing these beautiful toys....

I recently discovered the venturi nozzle was and is used to produce electricity ... It turns out that there where no other way of producing electricity eletrycznego probably not out of the question, and the requirements are very high, the precision and reliability, there was used for this purpose Venturi nozzle .... Although it is a microscopic nozzle, but it proves to us its great suitability for the production of electricity. This is not exactly how it should be done for the production of energy from normal wind, but it shows the desirability of using a venturi, due to its unique properties ... ...

11:12pm 06-17-2013
Here provides Excell tables to calculate the curves of internal venturi nozzle. The internal venturi nozzle have the advantage that the turbine blades are placed at a maximum radius in the nozzle, which gives a lot more torque. Also the number of blades is much larger, although their height, in this example, 570 mm, not greater than 12 mm .. But it can be done with plywood modeling ..

11:11pm 06-17-2013
in another forum:
[quote name='Tony Matthews' post='6316853' date='Jun 17 2013, 08:16'][/quote]

You know what Tony, the all "innovations" are so unsuccessful and, many of them with no rules, I do not know if this one does not stand still and disseminate the failed "innovation" ..

This is "successful" Innovations
Red Baron windmill ...
Here's a side profile of my prototype. Has a one advantage, it is super durable, like a pyramid, and you can not see that something was moving in

Oh, and as well think of it and human powered aircraft, even without the additional jet can fly alone is enough that he will be the lifting wing basically like my profile ...

9:59pm 06-15-2013
Here, the first success - Ideal working prototype Windmill Red Baron .. Because at the age of 14 years well done flying models, these skills are to this day. Despite the efforts of various forces that my budget was very limited, I made a perfectly working prototype of the "windmill" but it declared its materials $ 20, for up to a budget can now have the .. Balsa, Japanese paper, Cellon paint, some tape and heat shrink ...
But I built a perfectly working prototp, that shows that, however, so you can produce energy according to my idea .. ...

Research carried out in a moving car mate, with bowed glass in the door .... excellent wind tunnel...

9:58pm 06-15-2013
[quote name='Kelpiecross' post='6313921' date='Jun 13 2013, 11:26']Feliks - maybe you should make a helicopter version - a venturi/RAT assembly on each rotor tip with the electricity generated driving the main rotor motor. The faster the rotor spins - the more power is generated by the venturi/RAT assemblies causing the main rotor to spin ever faster - and so on. You would have to be careful the rotor didn't overspeed - but it's a bloody good idea.[/quote]

You know, I also like the idea .. But is the propeller helicopter vibrations will not fall as a result of the weights on the ends of the propeller? But the speed would be staggering ..

A few houses here do for a small power plant ..

9:57pm 06-15-2013
Well, this a lunatic continuing science, here's the project added to the venturi such an aircraft for flight litte 300 watts of power. Drew a venturi nozzle such as for example for driving a bicycle. I tried to accurately maintain scale drawings and nozzle. The nozzle has a dimension of 600 mm diameter and 2500 mm in length, and should be according to the calculations give the 300 watt ...

You will agree with me that it does not look unreal ...

Maybe that so few students on this board bought the plane, which is just an old record and added the venturi nozzles, so to show that they can, .. and That Daedalus so he could follow the sun all the time to follow .. without excessive risk of his strength or the fuel runs out ...

9:56pm 06-15-2013
Just now I got a nice picture of one of the English forums which publishes ... I guess I was promoted to senior lecturer ... But why is ores men clog ears ??

12:49am 06-12-2013
In other forum :
[quote name='Wuzak' date='Jun 10 2013, 11:21' post='6310355']
I believe you have Solidworks.

Do you have simulation? I suggest that you test your venturi tube in simulation, and see how the flow works, and how the airflow inside the initial parallel part of the tube does not match the freestream air.

Unfortunately, I was no longer Solidworks for some time .. I Personal Edition 2004, but this version does not support more ... I tried to run a demo in 2012 but received three different serial numbers SW unfortunately no accepted ...
Even so, I'm thinking that the simulation nothing new has been brought to. There is one question that should be answered. Is there an amplifier, which amplifies, without any energy supply from the outside ...
Obviously it is.

Edison applied it to his phonograph. Without a large conical tubes, the phonograph mined only very difficult to hear the sound. after adding the tube pfonograf game quite loud. So there is an amplifier that amplifies, without any external energy supply. Exactly in the same way all the wind instruments amplify sound mouthpiece. Despite the mouthpiece is similar in all instruments, they are depending on the size of reinforcing a particular frequency, the bass tuba to the trumpet. So we have the next examples amplifiers without additional energy from the outside ....
We just reinforces the venturi nozzle, and is arguably, even though it may be one like it, while others are not ..
Also the plane, which is heavier than air can fly, when his wings around a laminar flow. When the parameters are come forth out of the possible formation of his lack causes that the plane drops like a stone to the ground .. Certainly anyone experienced this building a variety of model airplanes, some of which would not fly ... So you need some piety that everything went well.

Therefore, teeth sprite is activated, the air speed gain amplifier in the venturi, laminar flow to keep it. There should be understood that a laminar flow can not have a strong whirled air. An excellent example is a laminar flow in a plane that has the wings of the propeller engines. . Spite of strong turbulence behind the propeller, wing has a laminar flow conditions and wing create lift for the aircraft.

Also in the venturi nozzle, air turbulence on the turbine dynamo driven machine located in the throat nozzle will cause no disturbance of laminar flow resulting from Bernoulli's law

Anyway venturi nozzle is amplified wind speed, without any energy supply from outside.

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