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12:15pm 05-25-2011
IT is very interesting concept. Regards : )
10:23am 05-17-2011
You know how it works "Underwater Windmill" ?

"The gain in kinetic energy resulting from the increased linear velocity in the throat is offset (i.e., balanced) by the decrease of pressure in the throat. The reduction in pressure which occurs when the fluid flows through the throat is called the Venturi effect and is named after the Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746 - 1822) who first observed the effect."

1:07pm 05-16-2011
Nice site,very interesting.
1:20pm 05-06-2011
" The Full Underground Windmill "

Regards Andrew
1:19pm 05-06-2011
"The Non-Undergroud Windmill"

This is Homer. Now you can safely drink, because he knows the underground fan will give him a lot cheaper green energy.
It can use an underground windmill used an old engine, for example, the Harrier. Or the same fan.

Regards Andrew
11:37am 04-25-2011
Hi Andrew, your work is amazing, the way you made your ideas work, is inexplicable. This presentation is enough to keep we engineers, to remain motivated and persue our dreams till we achieve it.
I am also working on combustion engine and you will remain my ideal from now, for sure.
Will contact you sure if i will need any help in my work.

thanks a lot.

Awesh Kumar
Mechanical Engineer
10:43pm 04-22-2011
Holidays are approaching, so we do spring cleaning. For sure we will use the vacuum cleaner. We can using such a vacuum cleaner to see how the underground windmill will run . Namely, you should close the pipe vacum cleaner is best without the caps to a small fan, for example, to cool the CPU, or a computer power supply. We will have a working model of an underground windmill......

The following picture shows the sports exhaust, which are built with a relatively long individual pipes from each cylinder. Their length L is crucial for their proper operation. Mass departing exhaust with a volume of such tubes will help the new portion of air intake into the cylinder, while the common valve opening. This mass is precisely calculated for the speed at which it will perform a so-called dynamic charge of the engine

Just the energy contained in the exhaust of precision of the volume of the exhaust manifold vacuum in the cylinder does.

Happy Easter to everybody !

10:41pm 04-22-2011
In other forums:

quote name='gruntguru' post='4982321' date='Apr 20 2011, 01:11']Total power in the wind. [center]Power = 0.5 x Swept Area x Air Density x Velocity3[/center]from .../quote

In the Wikipedia is a big mistake or inaccuracy
Call it what you think.

Now why is that:

Kinetic Energy = Mass x 0.5 x Velocity2 It is certainly true.

But when it comes to the calculated mass is no longer referred to as:

Mass / sec (kg / s) = Velocity ( m / sec ) x Area ( m2 ) x Density (kg/m3 )

In my opinion, if we count the mass, we must indicate the volume of the cylinder, which is in addition to its surface and its length.

Here, due to an error or a" shortcut calculations" assume that the length of the cylinder is equal to 1.

But it is not always true mass depends also on the length of the cylinder, because they can be 50 meters.

Of course, if you will take part in the formation of energy.

Even in a new traditional windmill blade width can have two meter, and now the model is invalid.

* But because the masses are Surface x L x Density. Always.
Well, where we have L ?

By the way. What has to calculate the speed of her weight?
10:20am 04-17-2011
Helicopter rotor blades without ???
four animation.


1:13am 04-14-2011
The Underground Windmill.

Underground windmills will be an really new alternative to the Atom

Regards Andrew
11:55am 04-10-2011
Vacum pump

Greetings from Yoda

4:24am 04-09-2011
Animation showing how using venturi nozzle drives the gyroscope to the flight instruments. Historically, the aircraft was not an electric current...
But now, if we do the jets in the right size, we thus also powered electric generator...

Even used a double Venturi nozzle, in order to increase the vacuum to best drive "turbine"

Regards Andrew
4:22am 04-09-2011
Vinturi Wine Pourer

If they move to the Thames or Potomac River this venturi nozzle:

D=1 meter, L = 5 meter V min 0,6 m/sec V max 6 m/sec , Flow 500 kg/sec .....

A little electric power can be done...

The same goes for the sea tidal and sea currents.

Regards Andrew
10:54pm 04-03-2011
However, few venturi nozzle in the world already taken:

One can Venturi Nozzle has become a new alternative to nuclear energy ??

Regards Andrew
12:04pm 03-15-2011
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