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6:56pm 01-08-2013
But nothing to prevent the high temperature of the inner cathode acquired using shale gas, or coal.
if we pipe with a radius of 10 cm heated, it will receive its length 1cm, 600 watts, which is enough for the house to its length of 20 cm or 12 KW .... ....
Extremely small heating stove diameter 20 x 20 cm, and everything we have in the house for electricity, including heating ..
In this case, the inner tube should have fins to really depriving heat of combustion.

6:55pm 01-08-2013
Another way of getting electricity from hot exhaust pipes. Termionic generator, such as the electron tube. Current density obtained is about 10 watts of 1 cm square area of ??the outlet pipe

Of course, the acquisition of the MHD generator, which has electrodes inside..

To assist the electron reactions, a high voltage can be applied, as in TIG welding machines,..

1:23am 12-25-2012
How can I bypass the statutory 20 mm in diameter ... and we have a little more air in the engine intake manifold

And here, if the exhaust pipe wrap neodymium magnets .... I have a small MHD...

4:49am 12-15-2012
Maybe the exhaust manifold to the F1 wear a magnet and additional energy (electricity) have?

Do not give me those numbers alone ... When linearly decreased as the amount of energy ...
it 5 cm in diameter and 1 meter length of pipe that is 10 times less that is = 100 KW

The flow rate is not 900 m / s just say 200 m / s that is to say 4, 5 fold less = 22KW ...

For each cylinder?

4:48am 12-15-2012
So interesting what you can find in my archives. The oldest Radioamator I found in my ...

Google translated :
"According to information published in one of the writings of English - has been developed by researchers at the concept of electricity generation by passage of ions and electrons with very high speed through a magnetic field
The practical implementation of this method that was based on Plasma gas forcing by the strong magnetic field. Electrical power of 1000 KW can be obtained by passing the said plasma at 3 times the speed of sound, the magnetic field of 1 meter long between the poles of a magnet at a distance from each other by about 15 cm. No, you would need the boilers and steam turbines. Previous experiments have generated so far a small amount of electrical energy. Achieving the full effect expected after several years of further intensive tests conducted"..
11:29am 12-10-2012
Hi-Fi Wind Amplifier...


Santa Claus
12:35am 11-24-2012
This treadmill UFO version of ramjet engines, would work best as an MHD generator. Its efficiency apparently comes to 60% or more has no moving parts. At 1 m plasma jet should be good.
The rest of you can generate in the traditional way, which would help stabilize the rotation ...

4:53pm 11-05-2012
Did you know that it looks like the latest engine to produce electricity using any fuel, such as coal dust. Attached to the treadmill, skip step steam,,,
The end of the treadmill must be about 1 Mach speed, which at the shoulder of 50 meters is normal ... every second ..

It's not like we all have to fly, but the current a good thing ...

Here is a reworked so as not to put unnecessary drag .. A bit like a UFO. Still on the edge of the "plate" can fasten some neodymium magnets ....

With these dimensions of 10 MW ....

In preparation for the new job of atomic physics, they can calculate the efficiency of the this power plant ...

Regards Andrew
3:58pm 09-27-2012

Of course, the fuel will be coal dust....

Andrew: Wavey

[quote]Originally posted by Anth
Of course[/quote]

I hope you will also agree with this, teeth were the least moving parts. The 5 MW windmill should be placed. Mounted on the ends of the arms jet frame. (ends reach such a large fan wheel 1 Ma), so the jet frame will fit well ... It will be a "small" treadmill
3:57pm 09-27-2012
Whether, if the sprayer to the treadmill, for example, a car, it will be more supportive of animals?

I wonder if to ask if these two smiling at us men to graciously evacuated their asses out of this car, it would be possible instead of carriage them to produce some electricity for us? Since drivers are not needed, because the car is harnessed to the treadmill and drivin in circles .. But one thing is certain, that such a vehicle driving the external energy, we will have the wind, regardless of the weather ... AJ is here the energy produced is sufficient to maintain the treadmill speed, it will be good .... And maybe even a few kilowatts for us is for our use ....
And it is always, regardless of the weather ... I do not need to go to the desert to breaking records. This can be done on the treadmill near the house...

4:19pm 08-25-2012
6:20pm 08-18-2012
In order to provide the reactors in Fukushime from the bottom you have the mechanical tunnel.
Then insert the two meters in diameter with 20 tubes. , Do the holes from the top and side, and on the bottom line fire resistant ZrO2. For large pipes enter the small tube to remove radioactive leaks or cooling corium had reached there...

Certainly not the cheapest, but it will give guarantees that the radioactive materials do not enter the land and ocean

Regards Andrew
11:18pm 07-16-2012
Nice look at the animation:

And my animation, showing what you can do in 4 Fourth swimming pool in Fukushimie.
You need to build a new building, to the basement of the reactor building to insert with three new reactors, only to store the fuel. They manage any guarantees when possible earthquakes.After filling all the water also will be a guarantee of the & span settlement.

10:17pm 07-05-2012

Fear think about what would happen, if not given these five cents....
17 March 2011

And faith in the power of the defence forces....

Defence force always better than the force of reason...


Whether the IAEA supports still so cooling reactors, or changed the sentence. ??
12:53pm 05-24-2012
"Gundersen: Slowly over the last couple of weeks the hydrogen has continued to build up inside the containments…

It’s coming from the bombardment of water from all the radiation that’s in the core. So a radioactive particle that’s just h20 splits to crank out the hydrogen.

It was incredibly low, now it’s up to about half a percent hydrogen.

So the trend is worrisome.

It has to get to 4% though… before it explodes.

So there’s still a margin to prevent an explosion.

So the trend, why is the hydrogen going up, is worrisome…"

Can hydrogen be requested to give away progressively by using such a method, similar to the disposal of teh hydrogen when charging?

Anything to the atmosphere, you don't need to sit in the application of this method. Everything is in the reactor, and the hydrogen is not…
Nothing to allow passage to the atmosphere.

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