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2:06am 08-25-2020
Andrew Feliks
There is strength in water ... I discovered it in 2008, publishing how to obtain electricity from sea waves in a relatively easy way. You need sea water with the help of waves, pump to a high sea shore to a large salt water tank ... .. For pumping, use thousands of small water pumps, driven by small floats .. Recently, I even managed to find a film that perfectly explains to everyone what I mean .. Instead of a man, you should put a water pump, which with the help of a float these 100 l of water will pump .. You should set up such layouts, one hundred or two hundred, cover them with the entire sea shore .. The way I came to this is in my publications, since 2008


One person 100 Kg 1 meter up and down gives 1 KW each time...

Of course, railings in such a "power plant" are not necessary ..
2:02am 08-25-2020
Andrew Feliks
Well, I will explain why the dose of this UV-C may be microscopic .. because the vein has a small diameter, maybe 3 mm, and the intensity of UV-C light decreases with the second power (with a square distance) ) at such a small distance, the light is very close to the virus, and even its low intensity will damage its DNA ..

You have to bury some in the history of medicine .. They tried UV with it a long time ago
7:02pm 04-27-2020
Andrew Feliks
Well, you know that I have my myasthenia, 5 years and I have confirmed AChR antibodies .. My last resort is how bad it will be to be able to make me Plasmapheresis. It is a procedure of blood exchange in my body and depriving it of harmful antibodies .. I was quite interested in it because it can concern my health directly .. It is based on the fact that from my blood, apart from my body, these antibodies are gradually removed from her and back into my bloodstream .. when it is cleansed twice, more blood than I have, it can be full. Unfortunately it is not a complete cure, but for a longer period of time .. It is a bit similar to kidney dialysis .. which also removes toxins from the body ..
And now I came up with a new method of cleansing the blood without releasing it from the body, which is much safer because the blood will not infect. The invention of the method also came after inspiration by President Trump, who dreamed of disinfecting the body from inside ..

I decided to call this method of blood disinfection Trumps Medicine. That is why I call it Medicine, because it is a completely new way, presumably allowing us to quickly get rid of many diseases of bacterial or viral nature ... that is, most of us oppressive diseases .. It consists in the vein, like during dialysis, we insert a needle, but with a needle no blood flows and we put a sterile optical fiber in it and seal the connection so that no bacteria get into the vein. Now we let in UV-C light that disinfects the blood from bacteria and viruses. Of course, we must carry out animal tests beforehand, what power of light can we use and at what frequency of spectrum ... dialysis lasts about 5 hours and a total of 50 liters of blood flows through the dialysis device .. I think that in this case turning on the UV-C socket for such a long period can effectively sterilize blood from unwanted viruses .. light can have several milliwatts in power and a pumping device for an optical fiber, this radiation can have several milliwatts and be powered by batteries .. in this way, even when walking, we can "heal" quickly and accurately .. But this requires careful analysis and selection of power, frequency, type and usage of this .. I think that for starters, tomorrow the leading laboratories should already introduce fiber optics into the veins of animals and explore this extremely promising method .. The production of a diode laser at such frequencies recently, allows the fiber to be pumped, and the exact manipulation of it. Also, after developing the method, you can absolutely choose a sterile method similar to that used in emprom memories erased by ultraviolet through a special window. Namely, such a window can be implanted in the vein, and through it do not dose this ultraviolet, which will be a completely sterile method of "treatment". Here are some links that may be helpful for developing this branch of medicine .. Because it seems to me that we will also have an impact on cytokines and storms exerted by them ... but it is experience that must show and appropriate ways ..
linkia gravis, but because of the amount of my retirement I am not in danger of using it ..
His name is Soliris link
1:48am 02-09-2020
Andrew Feliks
This German idea works or doesn't work, but certainly when applied to my balloons it shows the way to go .. My balloons are not perpetuam motion, just a giant heat engine for low temperature, which has already been proven to work because the balloon is rising due to this relatively low temperature inside.
And this German way how to properly enlarge it, it will work, enabling the previously wasted energy released into the air to use, and it can be energy released into the air from a coal-fired power plant, gas-fired power plant, or four-stroke energy engine (atomic power plants also), which only have no more than 50% efficiency, and the rest they release into the atmosphere And now maybe even with 40% of this energy can be used for electricity production, which can even give 90% of the total efficiency to give us such a new power plant ...

Well, such "balloons" would have to have dimensions of 10 x 20 x 10 meters, and they could be built like scenes at outdoor concerts .. but the skin weight would be balanced, as well as thermal illumination in the form of foam polystyrene lining could be done .. No only the height of the tower is a problem .. Al I think that the height of 200 meters is quite real, that is, say, these 6 pieces of such "balloons" on this tower could work on one side, which would give a pull of up to 3000 KG ..

Well, for example, exhaust fumes from a diesel power plant could be introduced there, and with cooling hot water too .. So theoretically 50% of this heat energy lost in such a power plant could be forced to work ...

Even water vapor could also be used to fill a "balloon" .. its weight is only about 0.5 KG at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius ..
hot air pump, e.g. power plant chimney ...
and works 24 hours a day regardless of the weather ..
4:08am 10-04-2019
Andrew Feliks
So here in slow motion you can see how the valve works in a four-stroke internal combustion engine .. You can see perfectly the "precision" of this mechanism .. It is best to watch it on the maximum screen .. You can see how the valve is when not pressed (and then there is a stroke of work with high pressure ) we are simply shaken by the effect of spring vibrations bouncing off the valve face and inertia .. At the bottom of this valve there is a "mushroom" which closes the way to the cylinder .. But since the valve stem dances so, the mushroom also makes such movements .. A since it performs these movements, even when it is "theoretically" closed, it really does not close the cylinder tightly, despite the fact that it is subject to a stroke pressure of up to 100 atmospheres. And we can imagine how much of this pressure escapes from the cylinder, on the effect of these "supposed" small, but very spoiling cylinder tightness, the movements of this mushroom .. Because at a pressure of 100 atmospheres, we can imagine that even a small gap, however, can even drop to 30 atmospheres make .. this mechanism is economical, and produced in virtually all internal combustion engines .. And complacency that the valve will be tight, because it presses it to the seat, high pressure in the cylinder is only the "wishful thinking" of the designers of such a system. because you can see that this is not true, because the valve sways and bounces off the socket, just when it should be closed ... This film helped me understand why my engine without these valves has such high efficiency and power, because how it receives in the cylinder, these 100 atmospheres, I will never lose my tightness all the time, closing the "valve", maybe like 2 atmospheres .. Well, but the amount of energy to use will be 3 times greater than in a traditional engine ... because 98 atmospheres .. And so on every cylinder .. adding to this even 40% more displacement, and twice as high achievable maximum revolutions, it also receives incredible power ten times greater than the original factory engine ... the load. Well, to find out about all this, I had to do [for 3 years of hard work a prototype of this engine, and say that it is so, although at first it did not seem to me at all, that so much is possible .. But it is thanks theoretically, to drive a Toddler (Fiat 126), with the same power as the original, you need a motor that will be smaller these ... 10 times .. But all this can not be determined by just watching the animations of my engine and criticizing me .. You need to spend your private million dollars to find out that this is the case ... And this film also shows that it is possible with all the imperfections of the current valve system ...
Even an indicator pressure test on an oscilloscope shows us that the pressure drops, but does not show us WHERE it escapes ...
4:06am 10-04-2019
Andrew Feliks
Unfortunately, the Carnot engine is only a fragment of the reality surrounding us related to heat engines .. But most try to explain it as a generally applicable law. In the meantime, for example, you can do a simple experiment at home with a "cold engine". Just pour cold water into the sink and put a screwed plastic drink bottle into it. We will see how it will change its shape due to the cooling of the air inside by cold water. Based on the change in its appearance, we see that also the engine would be possible on this principle. Everything is relative in physics .. But learning about heat omits many important physical quantities such as evaporation, freezing and most important - time. And theoreticians come to the conclusion that entropy is steadily increasing, but what about the scientific approach cannot be reconciled too much, because what will happen if this entropy is ever going to run out ?
I present here, probably the largest heat engine that a man can build (It is suitable for the Guinness book of records ) And theoretically, the pressure does not play any role in it, because the balloon from below is open .. the air heats up and the balloon can rise even at 5000 meters (record is 20,000 m), then the first balloon empties from warm air and fills the second, which thanks to the scrolling line to their tether will do electricity in the generator. Then the cycle repeats, from what we release at the top warm air and the bottom one, we fill it ... The old good principle and pressure does not play any role .. It's just a curiosity that not everything with heat is a Carnot engine ..
By the way, a hot air balloon is the longest-lasting machine in the air so far - the record is over 10 days ...
This shows because maybe there are other heat engines with higher efficiency than currently known .. Anyway. there is already a contribution to new thinking ...

4:03am 10-04-2019
Andrew Feliks
Here is the thermodynamic problem .. We have in a box, in a vacuum is a set of thermal engines with generators ... Will this set be more efficient than it would be normally installed without a box?
it's about how laws of thermodynamics work on the Equator, and how on the Pole.
Different temperatures
on the Equator 40 degrees Celsius and at the Pole - 40 degrees Celsius also for efficiency and the layout of the engine will be important ...?

8:24pm 06-07-2019
And finally, we have good access to this NASA CALCULATOR for flight profiles. No Java pieces are needed.
Well, you can see that there is a place on the air profile, where the speed of the air is 3 times higher than the speed of the general .. but this is only on a small part of the profile .. But there would be set turbine ..

here a link to this calculator and you can start learning aerodynamics yourself ... before the university is formed in this direction of aerodynamic energy
1:02am 07-22-2018
Andrew Feliks
The principle of operation Feliks-Tański engine with roller shaft

4:07am 07-07-2018
Andrew Feliks
Now, when I was surprised by the Polish inventor Tadeusz Tański from 1925, but in my new Feliks Roller gaze, this simple engine system was created ......

This is 12 cylinder dual boxer or H engine .. name Feliks-Tański engine..
Its movable parts are a double piston, a single piston pin, and Feliks Roller with lever...

Now there is NO lateral force of the piston and the croshead also ...
7:41pm 06-24-2018
Andrew Feliks
Well now here is a picture as I imagine my Feliks Roller. This is the version of Felix Commer4 of course a two-stroke version. in which the main torsion forces are transmitted through the maximum large areas of the "connecting rod", and are supported at the point where they work, and do not cause bending, as in the classic crankshaft. That is why it does not tend to fatigue the matariału. and relatively long trouble-free work .. And a little lower costs of doing....

Well, of course, the masses reciprocating a little smaller ..
3:11pm 06-19-2018
Andrew Feliks
As it turned out, it's worth getting to know the history of the United States ...

American Civil War 1861-1865. History talks about Abraham Lincoln and how he contributed to the excellent progress of technology as a result of the moment of this war, choosing the idea of ??the Swedish immigrant Jon Ericsson to implement ...

Monitor Ship

it's about the steam engine of the "Monitor" ship, which contributed to the victory of the Union, but later sank in bad weather. Since then, these genius technical solutions have been covered by the ocean. It was only after 140 years, an attempt was made to extract the "Monitor" engine, it was retrieved in 2001 and reconstructed for the next 10 years.
Thanks to this, they saw the light of day and became popular only, the technical solutions that were used there during the entire 150 years, when the ship was covered with the ocean, they were not remembered too much ..
Here, the history of the project and the way in which this ship and the steam engine was created .. here is also a movie about how the engine model works.

I of course independently invented Felix Roller for a multi-cylinder engine, replacing the classic crankshaft, but I noticed that the engine "Monitor also had a part of my Felis Roller, and this solution worked well, in the engine 250 KW of power. Clearly, it has two such Shafts with levers, for longitudinal displacement of power. Also, the power take-off wheel is supported on one side (on the other only timing drive)
After covering the "Monitor" engine, I was very happy that my relationship had already been tested practically, but only for two cylinders .. It lay hidden under the water these 150 years .. but now everyone knows about it and can see that the solution works ... for 150 years, no one took it into account .. My Feliks Roller system I designed for 8 cylinders and 16 pistons ((Feliks Commer TS4) .. with the reception of the main power, on the crank shaft one-sided supported .. On the other hand it can be a small crank driving the shaft going to the front of the engine, driving the water pump, fan, generators and compressor, but flexibly coupled ... (as in "Monitor" driving the timing) Here is the animation that I made, showing how the main engine system The Monitor was working.

Yes, this story is coming round and that's why it's worth knowing .. This is the history of the United States ..
4:21am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
Greg Locock, on 09 Jun 2018 - 06:12, said:

So since all of your designs rely on crank-like linkages, how are you going to prevent those failures?

Here in my hand the engine shaft from my new4 stroke ..

And because of the fatal mechanical distribution of the crankshaft forces, several cases of failure of the same shaft

A 8 times greater torque (first gear and differential transmission), they transfer to the wheels of the half-axle, which can be seen in the picture of the gearbox with the diverter, from the engine of which the shaft comes ...
they have a diameter of 25 mm and a long length ..
I have never seen a failure in these half-axes.
That is, to transfer 8 times more torque, this dimension is enough ..

The title is an explanation of why the classic crankshaft is a fatal construction and despite the large dimensions it bursts .. as seen in the pictures .. Here a little about the crush of such shafts, which even without load, under their own weight can be bent.

This is called the springing of the crankshaft.
On this link, how are you measuring this springs when the engine is standing. As a result of these crushing, the shafts are breaking up in the middle of their life, despite the fact that they are relatively thick ...
This causes a fatal rule of the "crankshaft" in its very construction.


SINGLE-supported cranks have no faults. Here is an example, from a locomotive, such a one-way crank in addition, on springs, which causes additional wheel movement. The power transferred is some couple of thousand horsepower ...
I have never seen damage ...

I have never seen damage ...
So a single-sided crankshaft is no longer so emergency, because it does not have this bending, as well as its design must be sufficiently strong.

And here is my design lever, to Feliks Roller, which is basically quadruple, and can be supported on the bearing in the cylinder axis, without causing any bending of my shaft ...
Only at the ends will be full bearings determining Feliks Roller

4:15am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
here is an explanation of why these crankshafts break
... in aviation, there are also such cases ...
3:58am 06-13-2018
Andrew Feliks
n other forum :


Most interesting Andrew but you won't find the answer to my question in the workshop manual, you will only find it by experiences caused by working on this type of engine.

It was, as I said a very common occurrence caused solely by not decoking the engine.
The excessive backpressure, as shown by the gauge on the control panel clearly showed the fault.
The bar magnet was used to get the broken part of the engine out, when ground correctly this part, being made of carbon steel would make an excellent addition to your tool box.
A crosscut chisel f.o.c.
That crank, sure it's not a wrist watch crank?
Think about the back pressure load on parts caused by excessive carbon build up on two strokes. Qoute./

Yes Merlyn, you do not even know how much I appreciate your remarks. because I know that I will not find them in the workshop manual ... It's good that you want to work with me with your experience. As you know, I do not have too much, because I had to find these codes in music .. That's why your help is great .. I now add my cody and maybe something good will be ...
You have noticed the excessive accumulation of carbon. Now that we have a new type of engine Feliks Commer, where there is no classic crankshaft, only pins with a diameter of 30 mm, we can approach the issue in a different way, as it was so far. These small plates do not need such lubrication as large crankshaft bearings, besides they do not even turn round, and do semi-turn .., so the lubrication can be a little smaller .. I do not know if you remember that two-stroke engines for motorcycles, are lubricated only with oil in the fuel and in a ratio of 1: 50. And these engines, completely protruding .. so I thought that my Felix Commer can be lubricated with normal diesel fuel, also with the addition of this oil, let's also say 1; 50 as we will take into account that diesel fuel already has good lubrication in the sona .. Imone would be poured into the engine instead of lubricating oil. Well, when 10 liters of such fuel are needed for lubrication, the amount of oil added would be 0.2 liters .. No and I think that this quantity would not plug the windows, because the rest would be the same as the main fuel, it would be fired without coke .. And I think that this should solve the problem of this too nagar. Simply a new lubricant oil felix, i.e. diesel fuel plus 1:50 oil for two strokes ... .. poured into the engine, instead of lubricating oil ..
It would have such advantages that in the winter it would not be too dense, and in the summer too sparse ... ... and this price is not too high ..
So even with a large amount of "oil" you would not have to worry about ... because also coke would not be created ... because, from burning fuel, it does not arise ...
I just do not know what oil companies are doing ...
here, one bottle is enough to make 50 liters of "feliks oil"

And here the drift part of the watch, which I personally will do on an ordinary lathe. The material to do this crankshaft weighed 80 KG and the shaft lasts 4 KG. It lasted for a month ...

You know how you see the problems of crankshaft production, and that's why I know it's not a simple thing ...
Here are a few examples, however, that the crankshaft is not necessarily a successful construction .. and despite its thickness, sometimes it ends ... And I will ask if ever seen such a broken clutch shaft, despite the fact that it is much thinner than the crank

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