11:45pm 02-05-2018
What if you made Teflon so much ?
And maybe in diesel it would be enough to lubricate them with fuel ?

And the rolling bearings on the crank with the grease in the middle ?

This ... the engine could have been WITHOUT lubricating oil.

Just what would Castrol say ?

Or maybe a carbon fiber line ?
11:45pm 02-05-2018
Well, there is one big advantage of such a crosshead. We can freely change the stroke, piston in relation to the crankshaft stroke .. For example, the stroke of the piston is the same, and the crankshaft stroke even twice as long .. Everything will depend on the demand, and what is most important in a given engine application ..
Of course, the rope has to go exactly in the axis of the piston ..

So that his way of placing the crankshaft, as you can see in the figure, from the side, will make the engine will be much lower ..
Of course, only for marine engines 102 rpm

11:39pm 02-02-2018

The film shows that with 3 movements of the arm, the vehicle travels about 10 meters .. with a piston stroke of 50 cm, having 300 cubic centimeters of air, a liter will travel 30 meters .. from 100 liters 3 km, and from a pressure of 200 atmospheres 60 km. .. 10 such tanks, and we have a range of 600 km .. 100-liter tank is a pipe with a diameter of 24 cm and a length of 2 meters in a square meter will fit 16 such tanks .. ie in the tank 1 m x 1 m x 2 m, 200 atm, it we have a range of 1000km ... I am wrong somewhere, because through my miastenia , I have a double vision .. Such an idea for a Polish family-owned electromobile car .. And it is with us (Poland) REAL, most importantly ..
No Tesla ..

with a simple and light, cheap engine, pneumatic cylinder .. Just 3 cm in diameter, if the pressure is 10 atmospheres ..
11:35pm 02-02-2018

5:37am 02-02-2018
Well, this is my new idea ... I decided to get rid of force, guide the piston ...
 This gives an average of about 10% higher efficiency of the engine, because we do not waste energy on friction .. In marine, eolnobrotowych, so far used to be used crosshed.
Instead, I used such a machanism, based on oil like a pump, with a rope as a working element .. Because the rope can not be "pushed", I put the other such arm in motion to the other side .. And from this simple connecting rod driving the crankshaft. Thanks to this, there is no side force anywhere in the whole mechanism .. It is in a traditional design, very large force, reaching up to 1/6 of the total force in the connecting rod driving the crankshaft .. Here its size is calculated .. I think that the average 10% of the engine's reliability will be obtained. The engine has very small orots, 100 rows per minute, and I think that this will work ... In the steam locomotive, we will get rid of the slider, and its efficiency will increase significantly ..
Certainly the demand for oil, which suppressed this large friction, will be much smaller ..
Maybe someday it will go to F1

Regards Andrew
7:00pm 12-15-2017
So I have to thank that good people brought me to the ground with my Segway Car Felix ... I of course have invented it completely unmistakably, never seen such a solution .. But I was provided with my much earlier (2011) professional Segway rules here a few photos.

2:56am 07-17-2017
Al sure in this company you did not see the veturi nozzle of my idea. Put on the luggage of the car such a tube with a diameter of the meter, in the middle of a real turbine and at 40 km / h we have an additional 100 hp .. And now what?

2:54am 07-17-2017
Segway Car
3:56pm 04-06-2017
Or maybe a two-wheel car would do ... There's no need for an differential and anything .. see the Segway
There is no steering wheel, and what's the return .. because let's say on wheels 1.5 meters in diameter ... for every trimmer will come ..

Such a Segway with a comfortable seat and visor, it could be called Feliks Car

Regards Andrew
10:25am 04-30-2016
Well, sometimes you can use the models made by others, and do not spend money on their models. Here you can see very well that this model boats, capable of flowing even into the wind .. But demonstrator, not even suppose that, in this way, is also a way to produce wind, because the boat is sailing faster and for this reason, the wind acting on the windmill you will be getting stronger ... if you are a boat tied to a string to floating around, it will float forever ... .. unless my eyes deceive me ..:tsk .. of course my solution, instead of the classic windmill, windmill will be Red Baron version double teaspoon, which closed Roots and the propeller will power.

7:01am 12-26-2015
Well, maybe you need to start from the simple structure ... Here a tandem bike in which the other in the rear never laze will not be ....
The experience you need to slowly gather .. the Wright brothers' first flight at the time, only 278 meters flew his machine ..

7:01am 12-26-2015
This year, with best wishes for Christmas to all something more pleasant ..

I designed a completely new an amplifier for guitarists. Of course, for lamps, but with a completely has not used elements .. I made a prototype amplifier. Well, I think that I managed to get fairly good sound. An amplifier is built on 4 x EL34 and attached to the speaker box with two Celestion G12M .Here movie, from a small club (30 persons) in Krakow, where my friend Leszek playing for the first time in my amplifier. After a concert gave very positive opinions about the brand new, my tube amp design .. Was this opinion was correct, can you assess yourself listening as playing solo on the film of this show ...
And here the Silent Nigt with Christmas wishes for all ...

6:45am 11-30-2015
Here the newest model of the wind my car .. Only cosmetic changes on the outside ..

But inside the revolution ..
I present two screenshots of the simulator NASA airfoil and it is clear that at different angle of attack with a symmetrical profile, receive different values ??of lift .. From negative to positive .. or 160 KG positive, or 160 kg (320 lbs) negative (downward pushing sash) when changing the angle of attack of 30 degrees .. and dimensions of the wings 2, 5 meters square at a speed of 100 km / h (60 miles)

Well, this wing of their forces can drive the crankshaft directly ..
Here, the animation .. The angle of attack of the wing can change either electrically or mechanically (cam) There is no need for this high energy ..

Well needless to say that such a system also can work at creating their own wind ... ..

I had to publish it on Santa Claus, but that the climate summit a little hurried me .. Because after what happened there in May too tired and negotiate, as you no longer need .. maybe someone out there will send a telegram?
4:24pm 10-11-2015
So now even a version
So here the animation ramjet engines between the wings in a spoon effect, which is about 9 times increase input speed .. Pipes of course without turbines, such as SR 71, and, so to eye with 250 MW of getting So, yes, the set of a diameter of 30 meters, having the 250 MW of power, he would have 12 pieces of such pipes since SR71, visible starter pneumatic boot, and the number 2 units would give so much energy around, a small nuclear power plant Only with the size of the power plant, even coal, consumed for own use 50 MW (high pressure pumps, blowers and fans, etc.). Here only the minimum energy for the fuel supply system, expressed in kilowatts ..
And the cost of investment that air football field, probably will be significantly smaller.
It's to improve the imagination, what I'm saying.
Well, here we have any fuel - coal dust, gas, oil.
6:36pm 10-01-2015
And you know what these wings including my project still can be used? not even suppose ...:rolleyes:

This is EXHAUST. ..
Thus, the negative pressure is created dam that will serve to suck exhaust gas from the engine .. vacuum will remain on throughout the exhaust pipe .. will suck exhaust lot better than they do, competitive exhaust pipe curled in a "sausage" ...
And by the way a negative pressure can be so great that at some considerable speed, you can turn off the ignition .. and cut off the supply of fuel .. interesting at what it will speed ..:rolleyes:

and even before up to speed, it also can underpressure to run a turbine from the exhaust and nwtedy that the system does not have to be connected ..

Well, not to mention the alternator, which also would say fueled rotary vane pump on the vacuum ...

Yes, if so, a pair of wings spoon should be at the back of the car ....

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