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11:04pm 03-31-2014
Feliks, on 09 Nov 2009 - 21:55, said:
That if to fill all unused spaces up on ships with this polystyrene foam, most probably they stood unsinkable .

Thanks to the fact that it wouldn't be possible to sink them,
a lot of people so that it is possible to rescue.
And next
then to the shipyard it would be possible to tow away

Recently I noticed ,that the aircraft would be very useful by the ability to swimming
Two days ago :


If such a shortcut poliuretane foam for construction of such parameters:

If such a shortcut poliuretane foam for construction of such parameters:


Specifications specific gravity after hardening 11 - 16 ,3 kg/m3* Base polyurethane Productivity of 825 ml – 66 litres * c 100 mb of the stream about the diameter of 5 2 cm * Pyłosuchość 8 - 10 minutes * Time of processing 15 - 30 minutes * Time of hardening from 5 up to 48 h (full mechanical load capacity) * a free access of air is Necessary. One should not apply foam in rooms closed tightly. Resistance to UV rays weak in outside applications one should shelter the surface of foam from the UV radiation. Structure of cells of c 70 % smoothed, evenly closed cells thermal Resistance after hardening from – 40 ° C to + 90 ° C (short-term to + 140 ° C)

15 bottle give 1 m^3 (1000 litres) cost about 80 $ , this can swimm 1 tones

Tupolew 142 have 80 ton weight 80 x 15 = , need 1200 pieces bottles this foam .

All cost of foam 80 x 80 $= 6400 $.
Whole weight of the foam to allow the total buoyancy such an airplane is 1200 KG
It is only 1% of the total weight of the aircraft.

Wig area is 311 m^2 , 80 m^3/ 312 m^2 = 0,25 m the average amount of surface foam on the inside wings. I think that in this plane is so much unused space.

And such buoyancy of the aircraft would also be found useful for Airbus over the Atlantic, as well as the Boening over Hudson.

Regards Andrew

Cam beck ..

If my ideas and name were not banished, supposedly in the interests of different groups, it can now this flight Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 would have ended differently .. no but tell me not to fight with the Windmills of Don Quixote .. I think you are the wiser and better knowledge of what to do .. instead of listening what to do .. I wonder if those who are on hand this banning, feel at least some share of responsibility for what happened ...
11:00pm 03-31-2014
Greg Locock, on 04 Mar 2014 - 23:14, said:
I think, if you live in an uninhabited country, that coastal hydro makes a lot of sense. But at least where most of us live the idea of flooding the coastal plains is a fairly drastic solution, not much different to the threats of rising sea level which may or may not turn out to be significant..
Nuclear power plant of 800 MW shall be adopted for the area of 5 x 5 km ... 64 km square So it have any 3 such power ... but here is 12000 Mw of free space for 15 nuclear power plants .. that is the difference, ie 12 will surface to be used for example to residence .. of course, the surface of the sea with swimmers will be pumping big ..

Can someone pay me for finding 300 square km of free land in the UK?
10:58pm 03-31-2014
Here the power but sweet water .. has the power of 700 MW, ie as the average nuclear reactor .. If they build the seafront, a few thousand of these pumps that could Diaphragm Pump by waves and swimmers pumped into the upper reservoir of salt water .. the difference in the levels of this plant is only 100 meters, so the pressure of the pumped water would have to be only 10 bar ..
10:57pm 03-31-2014

Indeed as we have energy in excess, it can use it for pumping water on big height. Thanks tems Sytstem the waves of the sea may be even lower pressure designed .. Well, for example, only 2 bars .. which then drives the ram pump to a height of 125 meters, it can pump water
1:15am 02-14-2014
The turbine is to be the trigger salt water back into the sea. Here some drawings that explain. You can build a special vortex, as there is a high coast. And the picture only in the world peak power pump salt water. But pump water upwards through the for feedback electrical current. I propose that the water pump teeth using sea waves-moving pumps with valves ..

1:14am 02-14-2014

1:14am 02-14-2014
So, here is the sea, the British shows them for years, as same storms the fenced off shore .. which formed small pool ... Now the water accumulated there, you can refer back to the sea, but by the turbine, which will be make electricity .. The simplest solution ... A little more civilized, I invent .. here they are. Even with the smaller waves works .. In Scotland, the annual average wave height is 3 m .. And the car would probably put a nuclear engineers to examine how quickly the corrosive materials used in its construction .. In the video you can see that even a police officer imagines that in such a way that you can produce energy ..:rolleyes:

1:13am 02-14-2014
Here, as the tunneling doing in the world, quickly and as cheaply ...

1:13am 02-14-2014
Underground sarcophagus must be the first in Fukushima.

1:12am 02-14-2014
Here a further explanation of why dual Red Baron can give at 100km / h about 300 mm of mercury vacuum. .. . ..
Here is a pdf of the classical venturi air, and why is it used double nozzle.

And now, what are the parameters of the two nozzles that you can buy .. of similar size
The first nozzle gives 4 inches (101 mm Hg) of vacuum of mercury and has a length of 10 inches.

The second nozzle gives up 9cali (228 mm Hg) of mercury vacuum, and the length is 11 1/4 inch. That is 11% plus growth in vacuum and lengths are more than 100% .. That depends on the vacuum from a very proper way to design the nozzle ..

Similarly, the need to design a properly configured dual Windmill Red Baron to repair the effects were good.
Here you can not scoff case.
The rest will depend on the size of the system..

9:04pm 01-22-2014
i love 123 guest book "
2:35pm 01-16-2014
Of course the pipe that goes through the negative pressure means can be any lengths, and generators placed On the surface of the earth .. This may be from a set of several such sets ..

12:24pm 01-13-2014
Well, here , a movie that shows that " spoon effect" is possible to obtain a large area, no such model of the wing , set " bellies " to each other. Between the wings , air is blown using an ordinary hair dryer .. The second part of the film , you will see that blowing this way only one wing , we can feel the hand , there is some lift of the wing . Simply it is so microscopic that it can not feel , despite the fact that once we're blowing on the wing , then do not . I do not feel any difference. The reason is also that the air dryer has a very low speed, and it is relatively very little ..
However, as we hold as two wings . set ' bellies to each other, and kept at one end , the other end , a very intense vibration , bouncing off each other, as a result of blowing the hair . the film do not really see these vibrations because their speed is high , as the camera does not records so quickly. records and revealed that the image of " waving wings. " In a time while also heard the " clack " of themselves striking the wings .. so attractive force them to each other must be large, as seems the powerful sound of beats between them. wing to descend , and then diverge , and again, there are withdrawal force with each wing , and so the circle. But fairly quickly , despite the relatively large area of ??the wings in relation to a small air stream flowing between them ..
In any case , it is this force several times to each side of the Astringent greater than the lift of a single wing , which you can not even feel that there is in these conditions ..

3:13am 01-07-2014
In the new year, new designs ..
Air bike, designed in a similar way Hunting N.126.

It is the lightest machine to move in the air, which is designed ..
3:08am 01-07-2014
So on your way I think, why this project Manchattan taken a Pole, who only since the outbreak of war in 1939 was in England .. After all, his English was not too good for sure .. British citizenship also quickly got something to this project could attend ... ... But I know war, accelerates various activities ... But the English did not really even war .. Therefore I am full of admiration .. as a sincere desire ..
Here in the video you can see, the then fairly good the English had ..
Each fought as best he could to make this world a better place .. Sometimes it was not easy ..
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